About Us

Chaaye Sip is an exciting new brand of Exegic Services Private Limited that allows tea drinkers to enjoy the taste of strong Chaaye in a nice cup of tea that they deserve in early morning to refresh them and start a new day or at the end of a hectic day to relax and enjoy with guests, friends and family.

Our journey started from Chaaye Sip cafes, which started its operation in year 2019 in two cities of Pakistan as Chaaye Sip Café to gather information how people in general like their Chaaye. After opening six stores in two cities we observed that people in Pakistan like strong tea as in flavor. We learnt people behavior when it comes down to Chaaye.

The objective was to provide people of Pakistan the better quality Chaaye. We came to learn that tea available in the Pakistani market is either very costly and quality-wise substandard, which is not fair with the people of Pakistan as we are the third largest importer of Chaaye. We should drink the best quality of Chaaye available in the affordable price.